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  • The origin of the name and its variants
  • The early history of McMurtrys, McMurtries and MacMurtries in the British Isles, the United States and Canada
  • The McMurtrie McMurtry Clan Family Records
  • The McMurtry DNA Project
  • Clan Stuart of Bute
  • McMurtry Historians

How do you spell McMurtry?

Modern spellings: McMurtrie, McMurtry, MacMurtry, MacMutrie, McMurtrey, McMurtray, McMurtery

Early spellings: Macmurhyrtay, Macmurarty, Macmurquirtid, Macmurchad, Macmurchercaid, Macmuerchyay, Macmurceartahy, Macmureartaich, Macmuryrty, Makmurtye, Makmuryte, Makmurrarty, Makmurrarty, M'Mowtrie, Makmurthet, MacMuryrty, MakMurtrie, Makmurtre, MakMurrarty, M'Urarty, M'Wartye, McMurthre, Makmurtye, McMirtrie, Makmurthet

Ancient Gaelic: Muircheartaigh, Muircheartach

McMurtry DNA Project

The McMurtry DNA Project with Family Tree DNA currently has over 50 participants.  It has revealed three major branches of the family.  To read the latest report, and for more information about having your DNA tested, click here .



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